Jul. 28

Blippi The Musical

$37.50; $47.50 and $52.50 Ages 2 and up require a ticket

Blippi The Musical

Blippi The Musical brings the energetic and loveable character Blippi off the screen and onto the stage with world-class production, audience engagement and amazing music. Children from the ages of 2 to 7 years old across the world have quickly taken a liking to Blippi’s charismatic personality and innovative teaching lessons! In the Live show they will continue to learn about the world around them while singing and dancing along with this one-of-a-kind show.


Meet and Greets
Blippi The Musical Meet & Greet Upgrade Now Available! Now, you can meet the energetic and loveable character, Blippi, and one of his very own machines after the show with a meet and greet pass. Bring your camera! You will want to capture every moment! Purchase your Meet & Greet pass HERE.
Reminder: you must have a ticket to Blippi the Musical in order to purchase the meet and greet upgrade. The character Blippi will be played by a trained actor.


Suites to Blippi The Musical are available for rent! Comfortable, private, and excellent view of the stage.  Please call 321.697.3323 for pricing and details.



Stevin John is not in the live show. Stevin John is the creator of Blippi and acts as the writer and creative force behind the Blippi character. Now that Blippi has evolved as a character he is excited that a dynamic stage performer has been cast as Blippi to entertain and thrill audiences across all of the tour markets. 


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