Meet the Team


Robb Larson – General Manager

Jazmin Hernandez - Executive Assistant
Jessie Barrera – Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Sonia Aviles - Human Resources Manager

Box Office

Jennifer Leon – Box Office Manager
Brittney Miller – Accounting Manager/Assistant Box Office Manager

Event Services

Calee S. Watson – Director of Booking & Event Services

Tina Sklarek – Senior Event Manager

Scott Murphy – Event Manager

Katiria Matos- Event Manager 

Angela R. Mikolajek - Event Manager


Mary Burd – AGM/Director of Finance 
Eric Hernandez- Accountant 
Brittney Miller – Accounting Manager/Assistant Box Office Manager
Daniela Finol- Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator 
Anthony McCorry- Purchasing Coordinator 


Richard Mastroberte – Director of Marketing & Sales

Jose Colon - Marketing Coordinator


Eddie Crawford – Director of Operations
Robert Cox – Operations Manager
Chris Cavender - Operations Manager Stadium

SAVOR/Food & Beverage

Tony Donnelly – Director of Food & Beverage
Jim Weinland – Executive Sous Chef
Phil Smith - Manager of Food and Beverage Operations