Nov. 4

It's Time For Revival

It's Time For Revival

BETHEL besides being a design by God, is a center of revival functioning as God's house and Heaven's door. A body, united and intertwined by the same spirit, a single church that honors its presence, an altar of worship that stands before the Great King every day with hunger and thirst for his righteousness by participating in his truth as doers of his word for eternal life. We believe that we are part of the revival of these last times, exposed for an awakening according to this last generation based on the restoration, training and the formation of the character of Christ in our lives, witnessing the glories present and also the coming ones by means of the Faith that moves mountains. Our focus is to lift the fallen Tabernacle of David through his praise and the testimony of Jesus as worshipers in spirit and truth as we flow rivers of living water from within. In the end, we are a free church without practicing debauchery in honoring the blood of its covenant with the purpose, focus and purpose of seeing its promises fulfilled under the experience of this prophecy: "The earth shall be full of the Glory and the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. "

This event will take place in the Exhibition Building Hall A. Doors open at 4:00pm and the event will run until 11:00pm.


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